Fear No Ice - Extreme Ice-Carving Show

Fear No Ice
Extreme Ice Carving Show

Fear No Ice - Extreme Ice Carving Show

Fear No Ice is the world's first and only performance ice sculpting company. Since 1989, these champion ice sculptors have been competing and sculpting together all over the world. They have represented the U.S.A. as Olympic ice sculptors in the last two winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway and Nagano, Japan. Together they have competed in over 10 world championships.

Fear No Ice has been asked to appear on many television programs including: "Regis and Kathy Lee", "Sunday Morning" with Charles Kuralt and "Ordinary/Extraordinary". They have also participated in advertising work for many well-known companies including: Disney,Coca-Cola, Absolut, and Carlsberg.

Fear No Ice ice-carving show has the capabilities to travel to any area of the globe to perform or sculpt. They can perform for any type of event, festival or function. They can perform or sculpt in any season in any temperature. They can do a live ice sculpting performance, amazing the audience by carving a beautiful detailed sculpture from a block of ice in 10 to 20 minutes. They also do displays, creating sculptures which will last for weeks, for spectators to enjoy.

Fear No Ice performance shows start with several 300 lb blocks of ice on stage, placed randomly or stacked into a wall. The setting could include images being projected on the ice or on a white backdrop for the stage. They have their own video art which can be played with a LCD projector, if one is available.

Two performers enter the room either from behind the stage or the front door, whichever works best. Possibly, a spotlight follows them both as the walk through the audience. They are dressed in one of several costumes and a custom soundtrack with cool upbeat music is being played. They interact with the crowd, making themselves noticed as they approach the stage.

Then, the Fear No Ice performers pick up their tools and start sculpting with electric chain saws (not very loud), chisels and sanders; while creating smoke, sparks, and lots of eye candy. Occasionally, one or both of the performers jump into the crowd and interact with the guests.

Fast paced, the sculptors work on the piece, while unveiling surprises for the crowd. At anytime in this performance sculptures of logos or portraits of CEO's may be introduced.

The Fear No Ice performance show climaxes when the piece of ice is completed and the performers toast the crowd with the sculpted glasses or perhaps the bring up onto the stage a CEO or VP.

Fear No Ice shows normally run 15 to 20 minutes, but can be tailored to your needs.