Johnny Counterfit - Comedian, Celebrity Impressionist

Johnny Counterfit
Celebrity Impressionist

Johnny Counterfit - Comedian, Celebrity Impressionist

This ‘priceless’ celebrity impressionist presents singing impersonations of some of the most famous singers and actors of yesterday and today. Johnny Counterfit also features the voices of politicians (past and present), all of which is packaged in a "clean comedy and music style" backed with live music. Johnny Counterfit's impressions are exact and are not an exaggeration for comedic purposes; for comedy he adds jokes and humor between songs and/or during the political/actor part of the show.

As a comedian, Johnny Counterfit makes the audience roar with laughter, as both a singer and celebrity, singing impressionist, he takes the audience back and forth between the time periods of their lives. When using his own singing voice, on songs he has written, the audience experiences originality in heartfelt ballads, songs of inspiration, and “100-proof” country music.

Sample Show:

*Show is 30-120 minutes, depending on venue.

Folsom  - Johnny Cash
• Daddy Sang Bass
• Sunday Morning Coming Down
• I Walk The Line

“Rio Bravo” movie bit Dean Martin John Wayne Walter Brennan

My Rifle, My Pony, & Me  - Dean Martin
• Little Ole Wine Drinker
• Option: That’s Amore’

El Paso  - Marty Robbins
• Option: White Sport Coat
• Don’t Worry

Cattle Call - Eddy Arnold
• Option: What’s He Doing in My World

I Walk The Line last verse - Nixon & Cash
• Go Away Little Girl C Bill Clinton
• Memories A Ronald Reagan

Jokes Rodney Dangerfield

Only The Lonely - Roy Orbison

Blueberry Hill - Louis Armstrong

Product Endorsement Bit
• Rogaine - Eric Clapton

To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before - Willie Nelson /Julio Iglesias
• Crazy Julio Iglesias

Take Your Memory With You - Vince Gill

King Of The Road - Roger Miller
• Dang Me

Long Gone Lonesome Blues - Hank Williams
• Take These Chains From My Heart
• Hey Good Lookin’
• Your Cheatin’ Heart

All My Rowdie Friends - Hank Williams Jr.

Does Ft. Worth Ever Cross Your Mind - George Strait

Walk Through This World With Me - George Jones
• When The Grass Grows Over Me A
• She Thinks I Still Care A Geo. Jones & Elvis

Suspicious Minds - Elvis

Karnac Routine Johnny Carson

Jokes/Story/Comedy Bit Jack Benny & George Burns

I Wish I Was 18 Again - George Burns

78rpm - (Original composition)

Send God An Instant Message, Everyday  - (original)

All in the Family theme song - Archie & Edith Bunker

Tiger By The Tail - Buck Owens
• Act Naturally  - Buck Owens
• Streets of Bakersfield - Buck Owens & Dwight Yoakam
  (Folsom out)  (Exit Stage)