The FOOLZ - Wells and Woodhead - Comedy Jugglers

The Foolz
Comedy Juggling Duo

The Foolz - Comedy Juggling Duo

Two performers: one outwardly calm, the other wound tighter than a watch spring. If there is a dim-witted innocence about them, it’s because their childlike charm permeates their world, placing them in situations where something almost always go wrong.

Veterans of film & stage, television, and radio, The Foolz juggling duo has performed for audiences on six continents. Their juggling show is a character-driven amalgam of theater, music, comedy and juggling that visually demonstrates the power of cooperation between performers with vastly different dispositions.

RW is fluent in four languages, and is a Danish juggler with enormous dexterity and casual ease, while his juggling partner weaves a tapestry of chaos, slapstick and ‘eclectic’ music with the menacing uncertainty of a tornado. The Foolz signature juggling duo grand finale is a one of a kind, frenzied, frenetic juggle montage using a consortium of absurd objects (chairs, guitars, bird cages, umbrellas, rubber chicken, etc.).