Pasha & Aliona - Variety Dance Team - Quick Change Artists

Pasha and Aliona
Quick Change Dancers

Pasha and Aliona - Variety Dance Team - Quick Change Artists

Pasha and Aliona quick-change duo are a world-class adagio team but that is not where their artistry ends. Their professional edge required them to master several disciplines simultaneously; dance, acrobatics and the art of illusion. Prior to establishing a solo act, this quick change couple has trained and preformed in the most prestigious dance companies such as, Bolshoi Ballet and Moiseyev State Academic Dance Company in Moscow Russia.

Pasha and Aliona quick change duo have appeared on several television shows and have traveled and preformed around the globe, from South Africa to Asia to Europe to The United States and  concert halls to theatres. Innovation and extraordinary talent make this dance couple a one of kind act throughout the world.

Pasha and Aliona, husband and wife variety dance team will entertain your audience with elegance, humor and unique acrobatic choreography. The acrobatic style and magic of dance delights audiences of all ages. Their act is full of surprises and colorful costumes transforming on stage during the dance routine.

After a moment or two of a brilliant dance routine Pasha and Aliona suddenly change their costumes in the blink of an eye! This team has elevated their art – added that surprise element - by becoming a exceptional dance team that distinguishes itself by performing extraordinary quick costume changes as their point of difference.

Recently, Pasha and Aliona appeared on Ellen DeGeneres Even Bigger a Really Big Show. Also you might have seen them on NBS Supper Stars of Dance. For the 4th consecutive year, they will be appearing with Andy Williams at Moon River Theater.

Dance Number Descriptions

• Quick Change (Magic Dance Number) – Fast pace Ballroom dance with quick change of multiple colorful costumes on stage.

• Puppet Dance (Comedy, One Man Tango) – The funniest, most unique and surprising dance number in the world! The legs of the male dancer are the performer’s legs, and the legs of the woman are the performer’s hands.