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Illusionist and Mentalist
Craig Karges is an award winning mentalist and entertainer performance with an extraordinary blend of mystery, humor, psychology and intuition
Wheeling, WV

Craig Karges

Illusionist and Mentalist

Wheeling, WV

Craig Karges is an award winning mentalist and entertainer performance with an extraordinary blend of mystery, humor, psychology and intuition

Craig Karges is truly extraordinary! The "extraordinist" is an award winning mentalist and entertainer, a nationally recognized speaker and an author. He has made over three thousand appearances on three continents and in all fifty states. This mentalist performance is an extraordinary blend of mystery, humor, psychology and intuition. Craig Karges dazzles the mind as he challenges his audiences to question what is real and what is unreal, what is possible and what is impossible. A table "walks" on stage and then flies into the air! Borrowed finger rings from audience members are linked together in a chain! Thoughts are read and predictions are made and verified. MA109 even risks his fee in a special demonstration. If he fails the money is returned to the sponsor!

Craig Karges is not just an entertainer, and he is much more than a speaker. He was named as one of the top five variety entertainers in the country by Performance Magazine. This corporate mentalist will be the most talked about presenter that you will ever engage. Craig Karges can incorporate a company's product or sales message, include a strong motivational content or just provide you with the most entertaining and unique mentalism program you will ever see! He creates a first class presentation that not only thoroughly entertains but challenges the mind and leaves people talking. Experience the extraordinary!

“A standing ovation is the highest praise that can be bestowed upon an entertainer and that is exactly hat raig received at the conclusion of his time with our group. It should be clearly stated that this recognition was given by a highly skeptical audience of financial advisors. A week later and staff members are still talking about their amazement at Craig Karges’s abilities. Without doubt, Craig Karges was the best, most compelling performer we have ever booked for our event...”
--Ramsey Jones, President, First Citizens Investor Services, Inc.

“Craig Karges will deliver an amazing show that will excite your group and leave them talking about the performance for days. He boggles your mind and challenges your senses. If you are looking for a show that has great audience participation and a definite ‘WOW’ factor, Craig Karges' ‘Experience the Extraordinary’ is what you are looking for. He easily captivates his audience and leaves them wanting more...”
--Leslie Brown, Regional Marketing Manager, Atmos Energy

“Thank you for your third OUTSTANDING performance for Bayer. Again you wowed my crowd, engaging their minds for the evening closing. Each time you presented with a dynamic style whether it’s 150 people or 750 people you have exceeded Bayer’s goals. We appreciated the customized element of your presentations when you close with our corporate message. Although I have had the privilege of seeing you 3 times - I am always awestruck. Thank you for making Bayer look good.”
--Cathy Ewing, CMP, Executive Manager, Corporate Meetings & Events, Bayer CropScience

“He was a hit with all in attendance. His performance was truly phenomenal! He not only wowed the audience, but provided humor with an effective reinforcement of the association message to the audience. Craig Karges is a unique entertainer who positively engages his audience, provides a message that the impossible is possible, and totally amazes everyone with his feats. As an entertainer he is easy to work with, responsive to change, and always upbeat in his approach...”
--Frank K. Hurd, VP and Chief Operating Officer, Carpet & Rug Institute

“Craig Karges was the perfect entertainer to introduce our ‘Greater Powers’ software launch to our customers. The thrust of our message was that our engineering software helped people tap into their intuitive powers - and there is no better way to demonstrate the power of intuition than by witnessing Craig Karges’s amazing performance. What I particularly liked about working with Craig Karges is that he took the time to learn and understand what we were trying to accomplish with our stage show, then adapted his performance to our needs. Craig Karges left the crowd feeling amazed, empowered and ready to hear our message. I would highly recommend Craig Karges as a keynote performer at any corporate meeting.”
--Peter Tiernan, Director of Creative Services, UGS PLM Software

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