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Cirque-Style Shows
iL Circo Cirque show with an inspiring journey to a surreal world. Colorfully whimsical characters and artfully choreographed performances by an international troupe.
San Diego, CA

iL Circo

Cirque-Style Shows

San Diego, CA

iL Circo Cirque show with an inspiring journey to a surreal world. Colorfully whimsical characters and artfully choreographed performances by an international troupe.

From the Executive Producer of Cirque Nouveau comes one of the most exciting cirque style shows of all time. Blending the classical Commedia dell' Arte style of entertainment with the popular French-Canadian style "cirque", iL Circo reinvents this art form in a rich tapestry of song, dance, comedy and fantasy, reaching a theatrical level that has not yet been achieved outside of a Las Vegas showroom.

The show's cast utilizes the world's most ingeniously talented performers, each bringing the highest level of circus and theatrical arts to this thrilling production. With its gravity-defying discipline acts, sophisticated production numbers and enchanting audience participation segments, iL Circo is captivating on an emotional level. It transports the audience to a colorfully futuristic world-- a world of inventive costuming, luminous stage sets, and an original musical.

A thoughtful, inspiring story line is woven through every facet of the production, taking the audience on a brilliantly choreographed journey through a young boy's dream. This exilerating cirque-style production show by iL Circo is adaptable to your special event needs, from ambient entertainment during cocktails, to a rousing parade designed to move a crowd, or a heart-stopping performance that brings your audience to its feet.

"Thanks for an amazing show. I saw it yesterday at 11:00 AM and it was great !!!! It had been a while since it had taken my mom out. I told her I was inviting her to have breakfast at Oakland mall. When we got there and started walking down the "corridor" towards the tent, she started to look at me with a big question-mark" on her head , once inside when she realized what the invitation was really about .... you should have seen her face :) ... when the show started she even had tears in her eyes. Both of us enjoyed it inmensly and I cant thank you enough for making my mom THAT happy. This is definitly one of the shared moments with my mom I will never forget :) Take care and thanks!"
--Kique Rodas
"Just wanted to Thank you again for the great show! It was a pleasure working with you and your crew. Your show caused a stir around town. Even at a court case here in Wenatchee the next day. the talk was about the great show that was at the Town Toyota Center the evening before. Please thank your Crew and Cast, We appreciated all they did."
--Eddy Mattson, Town Toyota Center
"What a wonderful sight it was to see the beaming smiles of the children on stage, mirrored by their glowing parents! Your team was truly top-notch, from start to finish – you truly understood and exceeded all expectations, a testament to your experience, know-how and professionalism. You made the day stress-free for my team and myself, blew away the client and raised the bar for how a successful program can be run – flawlessly! We have worked with other circus groups to try and create a program tailored to children in a conference-oriented environment. In the past, we’ve encountered challenges in pre-production, communication, and a lack of the professionalism we expect in a business forum. You bridged the gap so often found when children’s activities are brought into a business context by marrying endless fun for the children with a degree of sophistication that our corporate clients expect. It has truly been a pleasure working with your team, and I hope we can continue this partnership in the future!"
--Nicole Avnet, Hartmann Studios
"On behalf of the entire Host Committee, thank you for assisting us with our entertainment needs for t he International Media Reception. The performers you recommended and booked added an energy to the event that made it something truly special. As I watched the Hand to Hand performance I found myself holding my breath in amazement and the grace of Reflexione is something I can only wish for. Not only did they "wow" the crowd, but also were a pleasure to work with. Thank you again for all of your patience and assistance. I look forward to working with you in the future."
--Kristy Linaugh, Super Bowl Host Committee
"On behalf of the board of directors and membership of the San Diego and Imperial Counties chapter of APWA, we would like to thank you for helping us make our event a smashing success. iL Direttore was hilarious, and the contortionist was nothing short of amazing. Your hard work, and the resulting show provided by the troupe, contributed to one of the most memorable events we have ever had. After 42 of these, that's saying something. It was a great pleasure working with you, and we hope to have the privilege of producing another event together."
--Dave Zoumaras, American Public Works Assoc.
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