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John Moyer

Comedy Hypnotist

John Moyer, a hilarious standup comedian, delivers one of the nation's best comedy hypnosis acts. The perfect corporate entertainment.

john moyer hypnotist comedy hypnotist comedy hypnosis corporate hypnotist

Salt Lake City, UT

Boris Cherniak

Stage Hypnotist

Boris Cherniak, this incredible stage hypnotist performs at corporate affairs worldwide. He is a charismatic showman, who delivers an unforgettable performance.

The incredible boris Boris Cherniak hypnotist boris stage hypnotist hypnosis corporate entertainment

Ontario, Ontario

Chuck King

Stage Hypnotist

Stage hypnotist Chuck King presents an engaging show that is a unique blend of comedy, magic & hypnosis.

Lansing MI Hypnotist Chuck King Stage Hypnosis corporate entertainment

Lansing, MI

Dan Lornitis

Stage Hypnotist

Applying the techniques of hypnotic suggestion, Dan Lornitis will bring out your employees innate creativity and imagination to hilarious effect.

Dan Lornitis chicago hypnotist - corporate entertainment

Chicago, IL

Erick Kand

Stage Hypnotist

Erick Kand is The worlds most engaging Comedy Hypnotist entertainer serving event producers nationwide.

Erick Kand Clean Comedy Hypnotist Tampa Hypnotist St. Petersburg Hypnotist Interactive Comedy Hypnosis

St. Petersburg, FL

Jim Wand

Stage Hypnotist

Each year stage hypnotist Jim Wand performs over 150 programs throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Every performance is custom designed to meet the specific needs of the client.

Jim Wand Stage Hypnotist corporate entertainment

East Dubuque, IL