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Motivational Comedy Magician

Magic & Illusions

Presenting one of the hottest comedy acts in the country. Our Motivational Comedy Magician is more than just a magician, he's a comedian, illusionist, juggler, and master of ceremonies, making him one of the most versatile entertainers in the industry.

Motivational Comedy Magician Comedy Magician magic illusionist

Mound Boyou, MS

Adam Christing

Magic & Illusions

Adam Christing - Hailed as a meeting planner's dream, this dedicated magician and illusionist has become a favorite guest performer, emcee, and after-dinner entertainer.

Adam Christing Interactive Entertainer Corporate Keynotes Comedy and Magic

La Habra, CA

Adam Trent

Comedy Magic

International award winning magician Adam Trent blends Vegas style magic with dancing and singing for an astonishing, laughter-filled evening.

Adam Trent Magician corporate magic

Boulder, CO

Angela Funovits

Mentalism & Illusions

Mentalist Angela Funovits has demonstrated the ability to accurately read thoughts, influence others, and even move or shatter objects from across the room

Angela Funovits Magician Mentalist magic show female magician

Avon Lake, OH

Ariann Black

Magician & Illusionist

Entertaining comes naturally to Ariann Black, this outstanding corporate female magician as she adds a refreshing style to the world of illusion.

ariann black female magician magician magic corporate magician illusionist illusion

North Las Vegas, NV

Arthur Trace

Magician & Illusionist

Arthur Trace is the eighth magician in the history of magic to be awarded The International Brotherhood of Magicians Gold Medal and is highly acclaimed by his peers.

Arthur Trace magician magic act illusionist illusions

Sherman Oaks, CA

Billy Riggs

Magician - Host - Speaker

Using world-class magical illusions to drive home his points, Billy Riggs' presentations have transformed hundreds of conferences into something truly special.

Billy Riggs Austin Texas Corporate Magician Comedian Motivational Speaker

Austin, TX

Brian Glow

Magic and Illusions

Corporate magician and illusionist Brian Glow is recognized as one of the top specialists in his field of entertainment, magic, illusion, and special effects design.

Brian Glow Corporate Magic Illusion show Magician


Carl Christman


Carl Christman is a teacher, mentalist, and author of the best-selling book How to Read Minds & Influence People. Carl plays with language, psychology, and body language to entertain audiences.

Carl Christman Mentalist Magician Mind Reader Riverside CA

Riverside, CA

Chad Chesmark

Corporate Magic & Mentalism

Chad Chesmark is a Houston based comedy magician & mind reader who creates hilarious events that corporate audiences love across the country.

Chad Chesmark Houston comedy magician magic mind reading esp show

Houston, TX

Charles Bach

Magic & Illusions

This magic and Illusion show by Charles Bach is a true combination of original magic, theatrical staging, and choreography as seen in Broadway and Vegas shows.

charles bach corporate magic illusionist magician corporate magician

Las Vegas, NV

Craig Karges

Illusionist and Mentalist

Craig Karges is an award winning mentalist and entertainer performance with an extraordinary blend of mystery, humor, psychology and intuition

Craig Karges - ESP - Illusionist - Mentalist and Motivational Speaker

Wheeling, WV

Dana Daniels

Magic and Mentalism

Comedy magician and illusionist Dana Daniels has been called one the funniest comedy magic acts working today. Available for corporate or private events

Dana Daniels Comedy Magician magic parrot

Hollywood, CA

David and Leeman

Magic and Mentalism

David and Leeman AWARD WINNING comedy magicians from Los Angeles. They have been called Miraculous by the L.A. WEEKLY, Incredible by the L.A. EXAMINER.

David Blatter Leeman Parker Magic Magicians Mentalism mind reading

Los Angeles, CA

Dylan Ace

Magic and Illusions

Dylan Ace performs everything from close-up magic to grand illusions. Fun, interactive, jaw-dropping magical experience.

magician magic illusions illusionist

Miami, FL

Erick Olson

Corporate Comedy Magic

Erick Olson, comedy magician, is a cross between Jay Leno and David Copperfield with amazing magic, comedy, visual gags and quick one-liners.

Erick Olson magician illusionist comedy corporate entertainment close-up magic

Lakeland, FL

Gerard Senehi

Corporate Mentalist

Mentalist, mindreader, and corporate entertainer, Gerard Senehi experiments in all areas of the paranormal. He is recognized internationally not only as a brilliant performer but also as a true master of the art of mentalism.

Gerard Senehi Corporate Mentalism entertainer paranormal

West Chester, NY

Gerry McCambridge

The Mentalist

Gerry McCambridge performs his family-friendly mentalist show nightly on a Las Vegas stage and with an NBC primetime special to his credit.

Gerry McCambridge The Mentalist mentalism esp

West Caldwell, NJ

Giovanni Livera

Corporate Magician

Whether it's a banquet show or his motivational program , Giovanni Livera's years of magic entertainment experience translate into a memorable event that's custom tailored for your audience

giovanni corporate magic corporate magician

Winter Springs, FL

Glenn Strange

Comedy Magic

Let magician Glenn Strange bring laughter and praises to your next event with his hilarious true stories and his one of a kind audience interactive program.

Glenn Strange Magic magician spartanburg corporate entertainment

Spartanburg, SC

Guy Bavli

Master of the Mind

Come join the award winning mentalist, Guy Bavli on his journey into the mysteries of the human mind. You will enjoy an evening of telekinesis, humor, ESP, and interactive audience participation.

Guy Bavli Master of the Mind Mentalist mentalism mind reader esp telekinesis Psychic

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Hiam Goldenberg

Inspirational Mentalism

Canadas top mentalist and corporate entertainer, Hiam Goldenberg, has a unique ability to deliver a mind blowing show filled with humour and inspiration.

Hiam Goldenberg Mentalist Mentalism Mind Reader Mental telepathy

Toronto, Ontario

Ian Galloway

Magic and Comedy

From live doves magically appearing to levitating people in the air, Ian Galloway's amazing magic shows appeal to people of any age.

Ian Galloway los angeles The MagicIan Tour Magic and Comedy professional magician magic act

Los Angeles, CA

Jamy Ian Swiss

Corporate Magician

An acclaimed master of the challenging art of sleight of hand, Jamy Ian Swiss has performed magic throughout the United States for presenters ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the Smithsonian Institution.

Jamy Ian Swiss Magician San Diego Slight of Hand Corporate Magic Stage Magician Close-up Magic

San Diego, CA

Jason Bishop

Magic & Illusions

Jason Bishop is an international award winning illusionist who was the youngest person to win the Magicians Alliance of Eastern States Stage Award.

Jason Bishop Illusionist Magician magic show

Blandon, PA

Jay Mattioli

Magic & Illusions

Jay Mattioli's unique combination of stunning visual magic, music, audience interaction and an unsurpassed style, stands alone among magic shows.

Jay Mattioli Magic Illusions corporate magician

Manassas, VA

Jeff McBride

Magic & Illusions

Jeff McBride's epic magic and illusion show combines mask, martial arts, kabuki theatre, world class sleight-of-hand.

Jeff McBride McBride Magic Magician Illusions

Las Vegas, NV

Jon Stetson

Comedy Mentalist

Using total audience participation, Jon Stetson dazzles the mind as he challenges you to question what is real and what is unreal.

Jon Stetson Mentalist Intuitionist corporate entertainment

Fairhaven, MA

Joshua Seth

Mentalist - Illusionist

Joshua Seth's one man corporate show is an Intimate evening of psychological Illusion and mind reading. It is a highly interactive, genuinely amazing, flat out funny performance.

Joshua Seth Magician Mentalist corporate entertainment college entertainer

Tampa, FL

Justino and Daniela

Magic & Variety Show

Justino and Daniela have taken their magic show into the next generation with high energy and a unique style, above and beyond that of traditional entertainers.

Justino and Daniela magic quick change juggling hoola hoop performance

Eaglewood, FL

Kevin Viner

Magic & Mentalism

Magician and mentalist Kevin Viner provides unparalleled, interactive entertainment for corporate events, sales meetings, and more

Kevin Viner Corporate Magician Mentalist trade show magic

Los Angeles, CA

Kyle Knight and Mistie

Magic & Illusions

Winning awards in sleight of hand, escapes and stage illusions, Kyle Knight and Mistie have been recognized by the major magic societies and has made appearances on both network and cable TV.

Knight Magic Show Kyle Knight Mistie Knight magicians magic illusions stage magic

Las Vegas, NV

Lyndy Phillips

Comedy Magician

Comedy magician and motivational speaker Lyndy Phillips will make your event a success. He can entertain your group, make them laugh, feel appreciated and inspired.

Lyndy Phillips dallas tx Magic Motivational Humorist Magician Illusionist

Dallas, TX

Matt Marcy

Comedy Magician

Illusionist Matt Marcy travels nationwide to present his award-winning entertainment filled with clean comedy, audience interaction, and his original mind-boggling magic

Matt Marcy Illusionist magician corporate entertainer

Los Angeles, CA

Michael Grandinetti

Magic & Illusions

Audiences around the world have hailed Michael Grandinetti as an extremely talented entertainer with a unique styleand an engaging personality

Michael Grandinetti magic illusions magician

Studio City, CA

Mike Super

Magic & Illusions

As the winner of NBC's hit TV show Phenomenon, v is the only magician in history to win a live magic competition on primetime US network television.

Mike Super Magic Illusions Magician corporate magician

Pittsburgh, PA

Murray Sawchuck

Magic & Illusions

Murray Sawchuck not only is an accomplished corporate Magician, he is a comedian, actor, and dancer. His sense of charm and charisma makes everyone in the audience love him.

Murray Sawchuck corporate magician murray the magician magic show

Las Vegas, NV

Nick Lewin

Comedy Magician

Las Vegas Magician Nick Lewin is a unique and fresh performer who delights every type of audience with his personalized comedy and magic show.

Nick Lewin Las Vegas Comedy Magician magic mentalism corporate entertainment

Las Vegas, NV

Nick Paul

Magic & Physical Comedy

Nick Paul, award winning corporate magician performs at colleges, private events, theaters and corporate events across the United States. Nick is a magician that combines comedy, magic and audience participation for an unforgettable performance.

Nick Paul Magician Corporate entertainer Physical Comedian magic show

Los Angeles, CA


Magic & Mentalism

Mentalist Phelyx's many years of dedication to magic has yielded one of the top mentalist magicians in the country.

Professor Phelyx Mentalist Magician corporate magic

Denver, CO


Magician and Illusionist

Puck is quickly becoming one of the most sought after acts in the country. Although the effects are classic, this talented illusionist adds a new and fresh feel to all that he does

puck magic magician illusionist corporate entertainment

St.Cloud, FL


Magician - Illusionist

Hailed as the Nation's Top Touring Illusionist, Reza has sold out venues from Denver to New York, Orlando to Los Angeles, entertaining millions as well as being featured on television and radio in 31 Countries around the World.

reza magician illusionist

Brookings, SD

Robert Channing

Mentalist - Mind Reader

Robert Channing incorporates the power of Focus and Visualization using your own GOLD Mind to inspire your sales team and create a theme for whatever your business and personal goals may be.

Robert Channing Mentalist ESP Motivator Mind Reader

New Hartford, NY

Robert Strong

Comedy Magic

Magician Robert Strong has been crisscrossing the world since 1985, entertaining audiences large and small, young and old, formal and casual, and everything in between!

Robert Strong Comedy Magician Comedian Magicians

San Francisco, CA

Robert Tarry

Comedy Magician

Magician Robert Tarry has been performing across the country for the past twenty years for colleges, corporate clients, and civic organizations.

Robert Tarry Magician Corporate Magic Illusionist Magic Illusions comedy magic

Round Rock, TX

Sammy Cortino

Magic & Illusions

Magician Sammy Cortino is giving audiences the essence of magic. Siegfried & Roy and Lance Burton endorsed his International Brotherhood of Magicians membership.

Sammy Cortino Magician corporate magic stage magic

Los Angeles, CA

The Magic of Rob Lake

Amazing Grand Scale Illusions

Caesars Entertainment named him the Top Illusionist in the World - Performing grand illusions that have amazed millions around the world.

Magic Illusions Magicians Illusionist

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tony Albano

Comedy Magic

Tony Albano is a comic magician who will transform the stage into a whirlwind of fun and mystery. This high energy comedy magic act has all the mystique of a magic show mixed with an air of enticing humor.

Tony Albano Magic Ft. Lauderdale Magician Illusionist

Ft. Lauderdale, FL